It takes more than passion to ‘do good’.

Our Partners

‘The biggest thing for me was knowing I was wearing the same quality of sock as my coworkers. It is as if we are now equals.’ - A man in Transition

When we work together for a common goal, people can create amazing things. And if we treat each other like equals, everyone can benefit. By giving away the same quality of dress socks to our donation partners that you receive, the recipients self-esteem skyrockets. As they slip on their premium dress sock before work, they not only have the clothes, but also the mental and emotional tools to be successful.

At The Village of Hope, individual’s lives are forever changed through a 24 month graduation program, undergoing job skill training, coping and interpersonal communication effectiveness, legal issue resolution and sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

Yes, we are giving those transitioning a great pair of socks, however we are giving them something more, a real second chance.