First Foot Forward

We started TWOSOME Socks with the idea that ‘social-enterprise’ companies must do better.

We need to rethink the system of giving to the less fortunate. Instead of just handing out physical goods to people, we need to pair our donations with human services, job training, coping and communication skills….education, to liberate these less fortunate from their current state of chronic joblessness.

By giving people just hand outs, how can we incentivize individuals to work? By taking away the need to provide for themselves, one would have no reason to.

As it stands, we have for-profit and non-profit businesses. In between these two types are the few businesses that ‘give back’ some of their profits by selling products based solely on the marketing of their philanthropic efforts. Instead of focusing on making a lasting impact, these so-called social-conscious brands leverage this awareness to sell products, instead of actually making a lasting impact in the community which they give back to.

We will do better. We created the TWOSOME.