The buy one give one model that companies have employed over the past years has guided me with creating a product that could have deep and lasting impact in the local US economy.

The idea for this company is twofold. With the recent rise in popularity of casual socks, and people’s altruistic nature, I felt that this was a growing market to get involved in. Additionally, I wanted a company that not only sold a great product people would love to buy, but also wanted to start a company that mattered. With this company, no matter the size we may become, it is one more step in the direction of consumer awareness and corporate responsibility.

The company I have started is called TWOSOME socks. By using a buy one give one business model, we have donated hundreds of pairs to the Village of Hope in Orange County, California. For every sock we sell, we match donations of brand new quality dress socks twosome one transforming their life at the Village of Hope.

After much consideration and research, we chose to partner with the Village of Hope due to their commitment of truly impacting people’s lives. During the course of their 24-month program, they have an 80% success rate of taking homeless people living of handouts to becoming a self-sufficient member of the community.