Q: What's a TWOSOME?

A: TWOSOME - Noun: a pair of people considered together. We use TWOSOME to describe the connection you will make knowing that your second donated sock will change someone's life.

Q: How does it work?


Q: Who does my second pair go to?

A: 1. Buy a stylish, quality sock for yourself, loved one or friend.

2. For every pair purchased, we will donate a pair of classic dress socks TWOSOME one looking for and trying to sustain employment in the local community. Pair for Pair.

3. That's it. The process is simple, straight froward and created with with a purpose

A: By partnering with the local rescue mission, we donate our socks to people looking for employment within the community. These people want to work hard and do better for themselves, however lack the necessary means to get on their feet. While the people who we donate our socks to may have various pasts, their drive to do better for themselves and the community is the same as yours.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: If for any reason, you receive a pair of socks and dislike it or message of giving a pair to someone deserving a second chance, please contact us and we will be happy to give you a refund for any unworn socks.

Q: How do I get involved?

A: TWOSOME, Sock Co. makes it easy for you to get involved in your community: Simply buy a pair of our stylish dress socks. If you want to help our cause, contact us as we are always looking for individuals with purpose. Or, if you are part of an organization and would like to partner with our charitable contributions, reach out and we will be in contact. 

Q: What about manufacturing?

A: All of our socks are produced in a fair trade factory in Turkey. The factory we use also produces socks for large retailers, and have passed high standards of ethical manufacturing. No child labor and all workers are paid a fair, local wage.  

Q: How about shipping? When can I expect to receive my socks?

A: Orders are processed within 24 hours, and go out the following business day. You should expect to receive your social conscious socks in about a week.